Weddings: Having Fun

Historically, I’ve been very selective in photographing weddings. While I’m known now more for my landscape and travel photography, my original career was news and sports. So when I do photograph a wedding, I do it in true reportage style.

I was excited to photograph Scott and Becky’s wedding. It was an ideal time of year – autumn in the mountains. My interest in document their wedding day news style was perfect for them.

After crunching through bride and groom shots up in Empire Pass a couple hours before the service, Becky had one more shot in mind – a chairlift. Fortunately we have a lot of them. And, even more fortunately, I was carrying a stepladder to help boost bride and groom up onto the Ruby lift at Deer Valley.

It made for a perfect scene. We went through a range of shots. Then it was time for a little fun!

While I haven’t made a career of shooting weddings, one thing I have learned is to get away from the solemn nature of traditionally serious, emotion shots and have some fun. In every setup I did that day, I closed it by having the participants whoop it up a little bit. And I’ll be that in almost every case, it will be those photographs chosen.

I love this photograph – it was the first select I pulled in the same-night look at over 1,200 images. It captures the fun and frivolity of their relationship. And a little Photoshop work brought out the super cool cowboy boots Becky wore that day.

And it will be a memory each of them – and I – will share whenever we load onto Ruby after a hard day skiing powder in Empire Canyon at Deer Valley Resort.

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