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2011 TOP 10 #9 – Storms over the Wasatch

Storms over the Wasatch, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. This was an amazing afternoon! We were on a Sunday drive on the alpine loop between Cascade Springs and Sundance on the backside of Utah’s Wasatch Range. […]

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Birds on the Silos

Birds on the silos, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. It’s funny sometimes on how the best photographs are not the ones you set out to create. I had staked out this particular barn as a sunset […]

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Storms Over Idaho

Storms Over Idaho, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. Storm chasing on flat prairie and desert is a blast! You can see them coming for dozens of miles away. Our drive today on route 20 through Idaho […]

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Rainbow in a Stormy Sky

Rainbow in a Stormy Sky, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. Summer storms and sunsets are a perfect combination for photographic opportunities. But they can catch you off guard. It had been a particularly dark, overcast evening. […]

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