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Barn Season

It’s barn season! Yes, a rite of spring when it’s up and out by 5:30 a.m. to get the first glint of light on a rural scene around Park City. For all of my travels […]

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In the Field at Courthouse Towers

There’s something magical about being in the desert at sunrise. The unobstructed view to the east gives you a tell tale glow in the minutes before the sun peeks over the horizon. Soon blades of […]

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2012 Faves: Desert Towers

I love wandering around Arches National Park. As many times as I’ve been there, I continue to find new places and photographic angles. This past May I was out one morning for sunrise and decided […]

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Soldier Hollow Sheep Dog

Soldier Hollow Sheep Dog, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. The first time we went to the Soldier Hollow Classic years ago we had no idea what to expect. Sure, we had seen Babe. But this was […]

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Desert Towers

Desert Towers, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. Spring mornings are a magical time in Moab. And Arches National Park offers myriad opportunities for amazing photographs. I have had great success photographing the monuments along Courthouse Wash […]

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2011 Top 10 #4 – Mountain Barn

Mountain Barn, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. The restored Tate Barn is an iconic landmark in Midway, not far from our Park City home. It’s an often photographed landmark, but one that has eluded me through […]

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2011 Top 10 #5 – Autumn Rainbow

Autumn Rainbow, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. Fall of 2011 was simply amazing – color everywhere and extending for over six weeks. The one thing that was missing in our own Wasatch Mountains, though, were reds. […]

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2011 Top 10 #6 – Clouds Over the Courthouse

Clouds Over the Courthouse, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. One of my longtime photographer friends, Rod Hanna, got me thinking about clouds several years ago in Utah’s redrock country. Nothing against a clear blue sky, but […]

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2011 TOP 10 #9 – Storms over the Wasatch

Storms over the Wasatch, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. This was an amazing afternoon! We were on a Sunday drive on the alpine loop between Cascade Springs and Sundance on the backside of Utah’s Wasatch Range. […]

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Waiting for the Light

Fall in Snake Creek Canyon, Utah, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. I’ve put a lot of miles on the Jeeps this fall color season. In peak week, I was spoiled with sunshine every evening. Since then, […]

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