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Weddings: Having Fun

Bride and Groom: Falling Off a Chairlift, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. Historically, I’ve been very selective in photographing weddings. While I’m known now more for my landscape and travel photography, my original career was news […]

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Aspen Grove in Autumn

Aspen Grove in Autumn, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. The evening fall color drive started poorly. After four straight nights of powerful evening sunlight, the clouds moved in an hour before sunset wiping out all direct […]

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Yellow Aspens

Yellow Aspens, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. It’s fall color season in Utah – one of the most amazing I can ever remember. Everyone has their theory on what causes color or when it appears. We’re […]

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Morning in the Forest

Morning in the Forest, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. We love hiking around Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s a short, wimpy boardwalk hike (so anyone can do it). But what’s so fantastic is that […]

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Bee on Final Approach

Bee on Final Approach, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. Our Tour de Heartland has landed us in Wisconsin, with an entirely new set of weather and wildlife from our native Utah. While, yes, we are the […]

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