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Abandoned in the Desert

The desert is a magical place, filled with benchmarks illustrating the passage of time. Today, the desert wind sweeps across the San Luis Valley, piercing the open windows of this abandoned ┬áhome near Mosca, at […]

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Desert Self Portrait

  We moved to Utah for the mountains. But we came to love the desert. They go hand in hand. In those few minutes after the sun breaks the eastern horizon at dawn, the sandy […]

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Metaphor: The Tree of Utah

  Who knows how many millions of travelers have passed this lonely roadside monument along I-80 on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah’s west desert. It’s an iconic landmark open to interpretation. And it’s a […]

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In the Field at Courthouse Towers

There’s something magical about being in the desert at sunrise. The unobstructed view to the east gives you a tell tale glow in the minutes before the sun peeks over the horizon. Soon blades of […]

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2012 Faves: Desert Towers

I love wandering around Arches National Park. As many times as I’ve been there, I continue to find new places and photographic angles. This past May I was out one morning for sunrise and decided […]

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Desert Towers

Desert Towers, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. Spring mornings are a magical time in Moab. And Arches National Park offers myriad opportunities for amazing photographs. I have had great success photographing the monuments along Courthouse Wash […]

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House on the Prairie

House on the Prairie, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto. On a drive back from Sun Valley to Park City, we took the scenic route, following ever changing weather patterns across the barren Idaho landscape. This old, […]

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