Seals on the Rocks

Sea Lions on the Rocks, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

A trip to San Francisco is never complete without visiting the sea lions at Pier 39. So as I cruised route 1 south of Half Moon Bay searching for a good sunset cove, imagine my surprise when I spotted a dozen sea lions resting on a rock.

It was a challenging light situation. The easiest spot to photograph them from shore was directly backlit – you could hardly see the seals. So as stealth as I could, I tried to sneak around a small peninsula to get a slightly better light angle.

Well, it didn’t work all that well. While mommy and daddy just shrugged off my presence and remained on their rock, the smaller seals (such as the ones in the photograph) made tracks for the water, sliding off the rock and into the Pacific.

While I had only seconds before the rock was evacuated, it was time enough to craft a few images with some help from Mother Nature’s waves, crashing over the rock as the sea lions headed into the water.

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