Rainbow in a Stormy Sky

Rainbow in a Stormy Sky, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

Summer storms and sunsets are a perfect combination for photographic opportunities. But they can catch you off guard.

It had been a particularly dark, overcast evening. While I should have known better, I gave up the thought of photo chasing for the evening. Until just minutes before sunset when the sky literally broke wide open while continuing to rain. It was a perfect combo for a rainbow.

With the ridgeline of Glenwild to the west, sun sets in our Silver Creek neighborhood a bit earlier than other nearby areas. Knowing that, I dashed to a location two miles away – all the time watching a double rainbow form to the east.

Rainbows are great. But you need another subject for perspective. The church in the Trailside neighborhood was a perfect partner.

I quickly pulled out the legs of the tripod, screwed a polarizer onto the Nikkor 10-24 and clicked it onto my D300. I shot for HDR – just in case – and created frame after frame of a perfect horizon-to-horizon rainbow, capturing wildflowers in the foreground.

In three or four minutes, it was all over!

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