Morning in the Forest

Morning in the Forest, originally uploaded by tomkellyphoto.

We love hiking around Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s a short, wimpy boardwalk hike (so anyone can do it). But what’s so fantastic is that it’s just a myriad of photographic opportunities ever time!

This morning we were looking for a short hike with son Chris before he headed to the airport. We hit the trail around 8 a.m. and saw the lake in a totally different light.

The early morning light, combined with overnight rain and dew, gives you a totally different perspective. From the north side of the lake we had amazing reflections in the water. Along the western shore there was a backlit scene with a fisherman casting.

But my favorite spot of the day was the dense pine forest on the southern shore. It’s an amazing stand of pine with a darkened path meandering through the trees.

We hit it just as the sun’s rays began streaming through the trees. With so little light in the forest, it’s a photo op that’s often missed. But there’s plenty of light in there – especially with this five-shot (1 stop increment) HDR.

The sun’s rays do present some challenges, but most are a relative easy fix in Photoshop after processing the images for HDR in Photomatix.

The result is a dramatic photograph of a forest pathway leading directly into the morning sun.


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