July Wildflower Show at Artique

When the snow melts every spring in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, brilliantly colored wildflowers take over forming a depth of rainbow colors rolling through the hills. Noted outdoor photographer Tom Kelly of Park City, Utah, often […]

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Rushing River

Springtime means water – lots of water. Melting snow in the mountains slowly releases its icy grip and sends it cascading into rivers and streams. Each spring I wait with anticipation for the opening of […]

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Alpine Layers

There’s good reason to be up pre-dawn to be on a mountain top at sunrise! On this late October morning, weather was crisp with just a touch of haze. As I made my way to […]

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July Gallery Show in Kamas

Take a scenic drive out to Kamas during July to visit my gallery show at Artique. The wonderful gallery featuring local artists is open every weekend, Thursday through Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. […]

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Friends and Medalists

This was one of those shoots where everything went wrong. I knew I would have only two minutes to capture an image of the U.S. Ski Team’s cross country medalists Caitlin Gregg and Jessie Diggins. […]

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Wyoming Winter

It was a misty, cold January Sunday afternoon in the Star Valley. Traffic was quiet on the country roads. Nearby the Salt River zigged and zagged through the Wyoming countryside outside Grover. On cloudy days […]

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Abandoned in the Desert

The desert is a magical place, filled with benchmarks illustrating the passage of time. Today, the desert wind sweeps across the San Luis Valley, piercing the open windows of this abandoned  home near Mosca, at […]

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Balance of Light

  Barcelona’s Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is a remarkable building. Construction began in 1882. Anticipated completion is still decades away. Spain’s Antoni Gaudi, the architect who took over the project a year […]

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Desert Self Portrait

  We moved to Utah for the mountains. But we came to love the desert. They go hand in hand. In those few minutes after the sun breaks the eastern horizon at dawn, the sandy […]

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Blood Moon

It’s not easy to photograph the moon. It’s remarkable how much it reflects. So the rare lunar eclipse on April 14, 2014 was quite an opportunity – a blood moon, bathed in orangish red hues. […]

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