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Friends and Medalists

This was one of those shoots where everything went wrong. I knew I would have only two minutes to capture an image of the U.S. Ski Team’s cross country medalists Caitlin Gregg and Jessie Diggins. […]

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Wyoming Winter

It was a misty, cold January Sunday afternoon in the Star Valley. Traffic was quiet on the country roads. Nearby the Salt River zigged and zagged through the Wyoming countryside outside Grover. On cloudy days […]

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Abandoned in the Desert

The desert is a magical place, filled with benchmarks illustrating the passage of time. Today, the desert wind sweeps across the San Luis Valley, piercing the open windows of this abandoned ┬áhome near Mosca, at […]

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Pond and Sky

Tonight was my first mountain bike outing of the year. I was probably a bit aggressive in my goal, but I figured I would go cross country across Silver Creek, loop through Trailside, back through […]

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Balloons Over Park City

Saturdays in May are perfect for hot air ballooning in Park City. Overnight temperatures are still cool, but not cold. So for a 7:00 a.m. launch from the Silver Creek Industrial Park, it’s perfect for […]

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