Grand Teton Sunset

There’s something mystical about the Tetons. The drive from Jackson Hole up through Moran Junction and on to Yellowstone is breathtaking with jagged alpine peaks forming a knife-edged ridgeline that reaches up to the clouds. Every minute and each successive mile changes the canvas as the sun paints a picture of one of the world’s most notable mountain ranges. The light on this particular day had been crisp and clear – nothing notable. But as we prepared for dinner on the deck at Dornan’s, at the entrance to Grand Teton National Park, the show began. Across a 50-mile stretch, an hour-long light show mesmerized the senses with oranges and pinks ablaze in the sky. It was sun versus mountain for superiority, with the cragged rock of the Grand standing out brilliantly, silhouetted against the summer sky.

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