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Minaret Silhouette

Minaret Silhouette, originally uploaded by tkellyphoto. Our first trip to Turkey and what a great first day in Istanbul. Being a predominantly Muslim country, it’s a whole new experience for us. We spent the day […]

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Black Sheep Jumping for Joy

Black Sheep Jumping for Joy, originally uploaded by tkellyphoto. There’s a wonderful little farm along I-80 near the Silver Creek view area. It’s a great spot for sunrise or sunset. Tonight as I was driving […]

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Utah Redrock

Utah Redrock, originally uploaded by tkellyphoto. Just noticed this old picture on Flickr tonight. It’s one of my all-time most viewed Flickr pix. What’s especially amazing to me is the quality given it was photographed […]

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Pond and Sky

Tonight was my first mountain bike outing of the year. I was probably a bit aggressive in my goal, but I figured I would go cross country across Silver Creek, loop through Trailside, back through […]

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Balloons Over Park City

Saturdays in May are perfect for hot air ballooning in Park City. Overnight temperatures are still cool, but not cold. So for a 7:00 a.m. launch from the Silver Creek Industrial Park, it’s perfect for […]

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SLC Approach Over Squaw Peak

I’ve always been captivated by flying, soaring miles above the earth looking down on play houses. Shooting from commercial aircraft has its challenges, from dirty windows to flight attendants asking to turn the camera off […]

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